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Men's Ministry

Mission: Men of Poinciana (MOP) is to lead men to Christ through the ministry working and prompting of the Holy Spirit that they grow in grace and in the word of God. That they fill the GAP in drawing families, men, women, boys and girls to Christ thus restoring our rightful place. which God has ordained for us in the first place !! Is based on Ezekiel 22:30, Exodus 32: 9-14 and Psalm 106:23

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Leader: Elder Alfonso Findley MD

Looking ahead:

"To the perfection of saints in preparing for the second coming of Jesus Christ. We are looking for the power of the Holy Ghost to finish the work of Christ."


Elder Godson Nasari

Elder Dynesdal Wint

Elder Ephraim Laidley

Dr. Oral James

Bro. Keith Watson

Elder Daniel Dionne

Bro. Joel Baptiste

Bro. Jean Celestin

Bro. Joshua Wright

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Goals and Objective



1.Men are standing in the GAP like MOSES.

2.We are first, disciple driven, lead by Jesus to fill in the gap of all ministries conducted at Poinciana and in our communities.

3. Develop relationship with all ministry team to create a cohesive interlinking and interlocking bond through communication and accountability.


4. To seek the practicality of the gospel that it is not by might nor by power but by the Spirit of God that this work will be led by His Spirit.


5. To provide training and resources that will keep men growing in Christ through the word, through prayer partnership and supporting groups, social media forums, emails and personal relationships.



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