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Poinciana Seventh-day Adventist Church is an offspring of the Mount Zion Seventh-day Adventist Church where the charter members worshiped for several years. The Lord had a plan for the expansion of his work in the Poinciana vineyard and he moved upon the heart of several members of the Mt. Zion Seventh-day Adventist Church in Kissimmee, who lived in Poinciana and impressed them that something should be done in Poinciana and when the opportunity presented itself they heeded the call.

It was at this time in 1990 that a man of God by the name of Cal White who caught a vision that this community could be ripe for an outreach program, and so he launched a Revelation Seminar. Brother White did not have much in financial resource to purchase visual aide, to erect a tent or even to rent a place to conduct this seminar. Certainly God is not dependent upon modern methods and equipment. He looks only for dedication and a spirit of willingness to be used. But, like always, God would find another willing spirit in the person of Elder Amy Simpson who would also share Brother White's vision for evangelism and offered her home to be used as a meeting place and to conduct the Revelation Seminar. There were other faithful workers who would join them, and for about an hour before each seminar meeting would go knocking on doors in the community inviting people to the meetings.At the end of the seminar this newfound group decided upon that this fellowship and interest should continue in the format of prayer meetings every Tuesday night, and for a time every Saturday night. Prayers ascended from various homes and the Lord our God added his blessings. The group continues to grow and so they would take the next step to be organized as a mission, but they did not have an adequate facility to accommodate the growth. This is a wonderful picture of how God's steps in and opens doors for His people.In 1995 the group after much prayer, faith and sacrificial financial commitments purchased 9.77 acres of property for $100,000 to build a house of worship to the Lord. The Lord blessed this effort by using the willing spirit of Elder Amy Simpson who offered to use her home as collateral to secure the loan. The property was fully paid for in January of 2000. But while they wait to build this house of worship, the Lord would provide a temporary place of Worship.It was sometime in late 1996 that God had inspired Pastor Barrington Brown of the Poinciana Pentecostal Church to build by faith, a Church building. Not only did God impressed upon him to build a church, but to share this building with other fellow Christians. So in conversation with his neighbor and former co-worker Elder Rupert Hall of the newfound group, the big question was asked "would your Church be willing to rent from us for your Saturday services, when our Church is built" "Most certainly" Elder Hall replied in faith. Elder Hall then consulted with Pastor R. C. Parham, Pastor of the Mount Zion Seventh-day Adventist Church, of which all the members of the group were also members, and as a result of this step of faith by Elder Hall the wheels were put in motion to organize the group as a Mission in Poinciana.On March 22, 1997, a group of 20 Members under the leadership of Pastor R.C Parham were organized not as a mission, but as the Poinciana Seventh-day Adventist Church, by the Southeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventist. The charter members of this new Church are as follows: Ariel Carty, Audrey Carty, Jemuel Carty, Rachel Carty, Jason Ford, John Ford, Iris Hall, Rupert Hall, Romona-Lisa Heyliger, Sanfer Joseph, Olivia Munity, Titus Page, Evelyn Powell, James Powell, Floreta Rayna, Jaysen Rayna, Emartel Rayna, Amy Simpson, and Julie Heyliger-MorrisAs of the end of 2005 the Poinciana Community has grown to over 60,000 people, and the Church also has grown from a group of 20 self-satisfied brethren who merely met for services week after week to at the present time 201 members in 2009, and is still growing. These are the living acts of the Saviour's blessings combined with a life dedicated to serve the Lord.We are still faced with the challenge to build a Sanctuary for the Lord, so that he may dwell among his people has they worship him. The members, adopted members, their friends, and family members are on the move, making sacrifices in raising funds to make this building project a reality. The living wheels, children, young and old, are turning constantly like mighty wheels in God's machinery. Everyone is busy. Every plan has a purpose. Raising funds is their objective. We are closer now than ever before to begin erecting a Sanctuary unto the Lord. Your prayers through the years have surely been a blessing and now we look forward to your tangible help as you make valuable financial donations to this worthy cause. Please go to our Contribution page and make your tax deductible contribution payable to Poinciana Seventh-day Adventist Church.We thank you so very much and may God richly bless you and your families and friends.

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