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Located in beautiful Kissimmee, Poinciana Seventh Day Adventist Church offers congregants a place of comfort, hope, and peace of mind for all their worshipping needs.  We are dedicated to spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ, and our goal is to inspire you through the holiness of our dwelling and our services.  We invite you to become a part of our growing congregation, and look forward to meeting you.


Poinciana is a planned community with a country atmosphere and city amenities. Poinciana is located in the North West area of the City of Kissimmee, Osceola/Polk Counties Florida. The development of this fast-growing community began in the 1970s, the community grew slowly until the 1990s when growth throughout the Central Florida area began to boom.


There is a strange sound in the air! Something is happening! The community begins to see the influx of moving vans and trucks with people of various ethnic backgrounds on the move, relocating to Poinciana from some of the larger cities in the northeastern part of the country. It has became abundantly clear that with this fast moving tide of growth of over 13,000 in the community, there is going to be needs to be met, such as public facilities more homes, shopping centers, and oh yes! Spiritual needs.

Our Church Leaders

Lucious Hall                           Pastor

William Duncan                    First Elder

Dannette Osbourne           Treasurer

Inez Green                             Clerk/ Fundraiser Com.

Aretha McDonald                 Sabbath School Supt.

Lucille McCoy                        Head Deaconess

Keith Watson                         Head Deacon

Rupert Hinds                         Building Committee Chairperson

Monica Williams                   Hospitality

Pamela Evans                       Social Committee

Marcia Als                               Health Ministry

Marlyne Greene                    Education Secretary

Faye Smart                            Adventurer Club

Etta Golding                            Community Services

Jacqueline Hinds                   Children's Ministry

Patricia Duncan                      Head Usher

Erica Lawson                           AYS Leader

Nelson Davey                          Men's Ministry

Denise Baptiste                      Women's Ministry

Lucille McCoy                          Prayer Ministry

Daniel Dionne                         Personal Ministries Sec.

Orret Imhotep                         Risk Management

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