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The purpose of these ministries is to address the spiritual, social, emotional and physical needs of women enhancing their potential for more effective roles in their families, churches, professions and communities.



  • To encourage and assist each woman in developing a strong personal relationship with Christ.

  • To provide a network among women within the local church that encourages friendship, nurturing and mutual support.

  • To address the concerns of each woman, single or married, that she may be enabled to reach her full potential.

  • To challenge each woman to expand her ability to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with her family, friends, and all people in her area of influence.

  • Representative to needs of women ministries leaders.


Women today are commissioned to use the talents and opportunities God has given them to fulfill His eternal plan. The responsibility of sharing the Good News is the burden of all who call themselves Christians. If the church were not to fully utilize women’s gifts the church body would be denied the internal freedom under which it flourishes best. It would be denied the benefit of the spiritual and intellectual gifts of over half of its membership. Women would experience loss and those to whom she might minister also would lose the needed help. Women’s ministries involves encouraging women to discover and use their gifts.

Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry Leader


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