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Our Children


The Department of Children's Ministries is organized to promote and coordinate ministry to the children of the church, as well as to involve children in service to others. Christ's instruction to feed the lambs provides the impetus for the church to meet the needs of children for nurture, fellowship, worship, stewardship, and outreach.


Ministry to Seventh-day Adventist Children

It is the responsibility of each individual in the church community to exert a positive influence on children. Providing children with the opportunity for participation, interaction, and leadership in a variety of religious education settings gives them a sense of inclusion as valued members of the church family, leads them to Jesus, and teaches them to view life through a Seventh-day Adventist perspective.


Ministry to Children Outside the Church

The Bible makes it clear that God has a special burden for children who are not enfolded in the church family. Outreach to children within the influence of the church will have far-reaching results, one of which will be winning parents to the Lord. The Department of Children's Ministries carries responsibility for the traditional outreach programs such as: Vacation Bible Schools, children's branch Sabbath Schools, Neighborhood Bible Clubs, and Story Hours. 


"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6








Here at Poinciana, we take this mission to heart and make every effort to set our child(ren) on a path that will lead them to living the life God wants them to live.

Sabbath School

Saturday Morning  9:30AM

Children's Bible


Kids "Video on Demand"

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